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Good Morning from Skagway, Alaska!

Finally updating the blog. :)

Where to begin? Since April we have traveled from Idaho to California then back up the West Coast on the 101 to where we are now in the historic town of Skagway, AK.

So let's talk about what we have been doing since being here - well there has been a lot - but to sum it up; we moved into a studio, cleaned it up, then moved into another location all while taking portraits and working diligently to share our passion with others about this artform. Brian has been educating himself about online marketing and promotions. His newest project is learning more about the TikTok. Whitney also has been working as a hiking guide (she gardens, too) ... and since we were bored (haha) we decided to throw in wedding planning while we were at it from 2,869 miles away from our wedding location. It has been quite a season thus far.

Stay tuned! We hope you come back and check out more as we continue to make updates to the blog and the website! Sláinte!

Fun fact: The historic district of Skagway is a National Historic Park and resides near one of the five temperate rainforests we have in the whole world.

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