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The Small things

While at a little gathering a few nights back a few friends and I enjoyed some chips and dip, a few adult beverages. As "adults" do we are talking finance, beer, food, etc. You know adult things. All while a friend's daughter is at the kitchen table crafting away.

A little while later, while playing a fun little card game. Round after round, I found that it is not my forte. During the game every so often the kid ran up and then hands a little something to each player.

Finally, I get up to saying farewells. The kid runs up hands me a little craft and promptly runs away. I look in my hand and a little cork topped vial remains. It is full of some blue-tinted oil, silt, and what I assume to be semiprecious stones.

Today, while going through my supplies for the day I find this little vial. The idea pops to mind to try out some macro tintype photography. Here are the results.

f/8 full bellow extension, 30sec using artificial UV lights

Appreciate the small things.

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